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Tulip bulbs, Lilium Bulbs, Iris Rhizomes sale in India

Flower plants Kashmir
Tulip garden previously named as Model Floriculture Centre, Sirajbagh, Cheshmashahi, Srinagar, is the largest Tulip garden of Asia spread over an area of about 12 hectares.

Buy Tulip bulbs, Lilium Bulbs, Iris Rhizomes from Kashmir

The JK Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
Mailing address : POB: 667 Srinagar SGR J&K Jammu and Kashmir 190001 "Ginkgo House"  Azizabad, 

Via Wuyan-Meej Road Nambalbal, 
Pampore PPR Jammu and Kashmir 192121
Ph: 01933-223705
Mob: 09858986794


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Iris Rhizomes
Iris Bulbs Sale In India

Tulip,Saffron,Gladiolus,Saffron flower bulbs sale

Iris rhizomes                                                             
One color   (100 rhizomes per packet)

(Available in November)
Gladiolus  bulbs
(Available in October)                
Six Colors (100 bulbs per packet)

Saffron flower bulbs
(Available from May-August) 
100 bulbs per packet 

Tulip flower bulbs
(Available from October-March
100 bulbs per packet
The Jammu and Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
"Ginkgo House", Nambalbal, New Coloney Azizabad, 
Via Wuyan-Meej Road, Pampore PPR J&K 192121
Ph: 01933-223705